dotCOMM Trophy

The dotCOMM trophy is designed to pay tribute to the evolution of the web and digital technology. The award is a metal cast dot broken up into individual digital bits. The three-dimensional dot sits above an oblong marble base that has a plate inscribed with the winner’s information. The award and base total eight-inches tall. The award is platinum and blue for platinum level winners and gold and blue for gold winners. The casting is six and one-half inches tall, six-inches wide and three-quarters inch thick. The award is presented in an elegant, Tiffany-style, satin-lined, presentation box.

The dotCOMM trophy is crafted by Society Awards, the most prestigious custom design and manufacturing firm in the awards industry. Over the past several years, Society Awards has redesigned many of the world's top creative awards, including The CLIOS, Golden Globes, MTV's VMA, Academy of Country Music and American Music Awards.

Unlike most competitions, dotCOMM entrants do not subsidize awards for the winners. Instead of charging up to several hundred dollars per entry, dotCOMM keeps entry fees at a fraction of that cost by giving winners the opportunity to buy their own awards. The result is more affordable entry fees and a higher quality, piece of art that winners and their clients are proud to display in their workplace.